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mer än bara en leverantör!

Våra produkter är noggrant utvalda för att uppfylla de högsta standarderna inom branschen. Vi arbetar direkt med tillverkare och har en transparent och ärlig prissättning. Vi tror på att bygga långsiktiga relationer med våra kunder genom att erbjuda pålitliga produkter och enastående support.


När du väljer Dermalight kan du vara säker på att du får utrustning av högsta kvalitet till ett rättvist pris. Vi strävar efter att göra ditt köp till en smidig och förtroendefull upplevelse. Så säg adjö till de stora bolagens luriga marknadsföringstaktiker och välj Dermalight för din klinikutrustning.

Welcome to DermaLight


We are suppliers of Derma clinic equipment.  With us you can buy, lease, rent  Q-switched nd: YAG laser for tattoo removal, Diode laser for hair removal  as well as equipment for Fat Reduction, body sculpting, HIFU and other equipment. Feel free to ask us if there is any equipment you are looking for. We have 15 years of experience in various cosmetic and medical equipment as well as training.

What sets us apart from other suppliers of

well-known clinic equipment?

We have carefully chosen the clinic equipment we have in our range and the decisive factor has been our customers' needs and wishes for performance, quality and price. We understand that most salons and clinics do not have the financial opportunity or willingness to buy, rent  or lease a laser or other equipment for SEK 300,000 ex VAT -1000000 SEK ex VAT. This would mean for the clinic owner that it would take many years before the equipment can make a profit and when the equipment is paid for, the equipment may be obsolete. The supplier then entices you to replace the machine free of charge and that you extend the lease, rent the agreement and tie yourself up with high monthly costs and high interest rates.

The one who earns the most from the deal is the supplier,

They promise the best machine! Of course there is clinic equipment that costs SEK 500,000 SEK 1,000,000 which is by far the best and your customers will be satisfied, but you as a clinic owner do not earn much on the equipment but may get more stress.

How can we push down our prices so much?

We can keep prices down because we do not buy large stocks and have large costs such as expensive showrooms, ect.

This means that we reduce our costs in the company, which benefits our customers as well  get lower prices on clinic equipment and they only pay for the equipment they buy.

Lower prices do not mean that Dermaligt clinic equipment has poorer quality than the expensive equipment, on the contrary, it has been shown in tests where  Dermalight clinic equipment has received better results than more expensive equipment.

Here is what we can do for you:

  • We only offer equipment that has been tested and holds a CE certificate.

  • Our clinic equipment keeps its promise. Good performance, high quality and fantastic results.

  • You will benefit from the clinker equipment that you invest in.

  • We can offer interest-free installment plan so that you  can quickly get started and have a functioning business.

  • We tailor  business packages according to your needs and financial conditions  so you can get started as soon as possible.

  • When buying equipment, training is included and is a must to be able to perform treatments with Dermaligt clinic equipment,

  • After approved results, you will receive a Certificate  

  • We follow the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority's regulations and recommendations regarding how  laser may be used.

  • You always have at least a 2-year warranty on your equipment

  • Unlimited Support

  • You as a customer are important to us and our cooperation begins when you  has invested in any of our equipment. We are always available for support when it comes to treatments or when it comes to technical support.

  • It is important to us that you feel safe with us as a supplier.

Sätt kvalitet och ärlighet i fokus!

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